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Announcement Concerning Honeywell Product Codes

Dear Customer,

Last December, Honeywell acquired a part of the Seelze, Germany-based laboratory research chemicals business from Sigma-Aldrich. Many of the acquired products had suffixes including -H, -R, -F, -A, -D, and VOLPAC attached to the product number. These suffixes were used for various internal administrative purposes and, in the case of VOLPAC, to indicate specialised packaging.  

This may affect the following brands: Fluka®, Hydranal® and Chromasolv®


Scientific Lab Supplies Launches New Life Sciences Catalogue

Scientific  Laboratory Supplies (SLS) are pleased to announce the launch of their second edition Life Sciences Catalogue.  This edition is double the size of its predecessor and covers areas such as Cell Culture and Imaging, Bioprocessing, Electrophoresis, PCR, Sample preparation and purification, Transfection and Antibodies.

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Agree Distribution Deal to Supply Honeywell Chemicals.

Honeywell has chosen Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) as a National Distribution Partner for the UK market to support the launch of a new business, Honeywell Research Chemicals, that will now include several brands and solvent and inorganic chemical products that were acquired from Sigma-Aldrich in December 2015. The agreement following Merck Darmstadt’s acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich includes the Fluka®, Hydranal® and Chromasolv® brands being added to the Honeywell portfolio, which already includes Riedel-de Haën®and Burdick & Jackson® ranges. These brands will no longer be accessible from Sigma-Aldrich after 13th December with SLS providing UK customers with a continuous source of the newly acquired Honeywell brands, without disruption to supply.  


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