This is a key focus for SLS evidenced by our ISO:14001 environmental management standard certification and we firmly believe today's scientific industry should play a lead role in protecting the environment to help ensure a sustainable future. SLS is committed to making clear our objectives and achievements in this area to both our customers and suppliers.

Analab and SLS Environmental Policy statement and EMS-Manual can be viewed here.


We maximise the volume and weight ratios of all our consignments to ensure the best use of delivery services, thus reducing the impact of CO2 emissions.

The bulk of our energy is used in heating and lighting, and in the internal vehicle fleet. Most of the vehicles in the fleet are low emission diesel vehicles and this is an aspect that will be mandatory with all future vehicle purchases.


With ever increasing volumes of product emanating from abroad, we have ongoing discussions with our manufacturing sources regarding waste management. In the main, the packaging used for transporting from the manufacturing locations to the UK would be used in subsequent deliveries to our customers, both in the UK and abroad.


Wherever possible, recycled materials are used. We recycle packaging material which cannot be reused, and we have a programme of using recycled card and paper in the warehouse, and where possible this programme is extended to other areas of work. In addition, we have stopped using disposable paper cups during the course of last year. This has resulted in an increasingly successful waste reduction and recycling programme.